Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Perbedaan Must dengan Have To

Dapet 1 tambahan pengetahuan lagi nih dari si dosen muda paling ganteng seee-unimed (sepenglihatan ku) :DD
Must dengan Have to sama-sama berarti suatu keharusan (obligation). Kira-kira istilahnya tuuh... Kalau dikerjakan berpahala, kalau gak dikerjakan berdosa. Begitulah kira-kira...

Jadi .. letak perbedaannya tuh gini.. .

Must --> Yang lebih tinggi jabatannya daripada yang ingin dikenai pekerjaan
               You must take medicine three times a day. (Dokter ke pasien )

Have to --> Setara
                   The teacher said that we have to do this task (teman dengan teman)

Nah.. inilah salah satu perbedaan.a
hehe.. :D

Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Contoh Narative Text

Narative text karangan ku sendiri ni gan..
Cak dibaca..
mana tau menarik.


One day, Nick and Kevin are planning to fish in the sea. They also picked up the pole and walk to the beach. On the way to the boat, they met with two friends and one of the old gentleman. They show off their catch. Nick and Kevin was amazed and envious of their catch that many. They were immediately rushed to the boat for fishing hoping to get a lot of fish.

Nick and Kevin boarded a boat and go slightly to the middle of the sea. After two hours went by, they do not get fish. Kevin was very bored and asks Nick to come home. But Nick does not want to go home and ask for Kevin to wait a few minutes. By the time they're busy fishing, suddenly heard a roar from the sky, darting lightning, and the sky became very dark. Instantly they were surprised.

Sudden heavy rain soaks them down. Waves became larger and irregular, making them move the boat to the right and left, following the irregular waves. Nick began to realize that this is a storm and said to Kevin, "this is a storm! We must go home now!". As soon as they pedal boats, but they could not withstand the shock waves. The boat was upside down and they go down into the sea.

Kevin was very scared because he could not swim. He was screaming as loud as possible for someone to listen and help. Meanwhile, Nick tried to swim against the tide to approach fishing boats that are near them to ask for help. Then one of the fisherman grabbed Nick's hand. And the other took the rope to save Kevin.

They survive by means of the fishermen. But Nick and Kevin felt very sad and upset over the incident. They do not get any fish. Then Nick said to one of the fishermen, "We have been fishing for hours but none of the fish we got, and now our boats have been destroyed by the storm". And Kevin adds, "May we ask two of your fish this big?" . The fisherman said, "What a pity you .. take two of the fish that I have." Nick and Kevin nnjjjbanyak then say thank you to the fishermen.

The fishermen then Nick and Kevin drove back to the beach. They are very excited and waved to the fishermen. And two of their friends as well as the old man was surprised to see Nick and Kevin bring the fish is very large compared with their fish. This is an unpleasant experience for both of them, but they also feel good because they can get a big fish.

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